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“We were able to easily move from an older version of InterBase to InterBase XE with very little engineering effort. We were able to take advantage of the enhancements made to the database and more than doubled our applications performance as a result of upgrading to a newer version of InterBase.”

Penka Sevova, Product Development Director, PAR Springer-Miller Systems

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“Comparing several different databases to use for deployment of our applications, InterBase often reminded me of the story of David vs. Goliath. There obviously are databases suited for larger organizations, but do we need those bloated Goliaths, if we do not need to deploy to thousands of concurrent users with petabytes of data? No! By realizing that InterBase, like David, provides a smarter way with a full featured tiny footprint zero-admin database solution, we save a lot of money for our customers. And with InterBase XE3 we are free to deploy to Windows, Linux and Mac OS X with physical database portability. It’s excellent!”

Roland Kossow, Dipl. – Okonom (Graduate Economist)

Roland Kossow


“As a VAR, we looked for a database that we could easily embed in our application. InterBase is an amazing technology! It has silent install capabilities, requires almost no administration, is lightweight and scalable which fits our needs perfectly.”

Juha Piispa, CEO, Moonsoft Oy