RAD Studio XE7 用戶評語


“XE7 is more responsive, more stable. I've been using Delphi for 15 years and still in love with it. That tells it all.”
Karim kouni - senior petroleum engineer

“XE7 is mature and stable and very astutely addresses the modern day challenges that a profit conscience company is concerned to be competitive  at the lowest investment, yet best quality.”
Gerhard Stoltz   U-RAD Technologies

“XE7 is exactly what we need for our company”
Andrew Hodson, development manager, HortPlus NZ Ltd

“With XE7 Embarcadero continues taking Delphi to a whole new level with constant focus on quality improvements as well as new features.  It's the development platform of choice for me and it keeps getting better.”
Darian Miller, CTO, Dealer Marketing Services, Inc.

“XE7 is going in the right direction.”
Ian H. - Independent Developer

“My company has every version of RAD Studio, and we are definitely happiest with XE7.”
Gerhard Stoltz   U-RAD Technologies

“XE7 is one of the best releases in recent memory especially with the multi-device designer, no one else has anything like this saving me tons of development time.”
Richard Baroniunas - Lead Developer - Baron Software

“In XE7 Firemonkey has been improved considerably”
Ken Randall, Pair Softwhere LLP

“Delphi XE7 has given us a new level of integration using connection bluetooth. It’s amazing with XE7 we can reach almost all platforms using a single tool. And the new Google Glass support is certainty a cherry on the cake.”
Kelson Palharini - Developer - Ponto.Sys Sistemas

“I thought XE6 was nice, XE7 is really showing Delphi is taking multi-platform where it's always needed to go!”
Randy Sill - Director of Development - Autobase, Inc.

“The XE7 FireUI Multi-Device designer allows us to create a master view and customize the layout for numerous other devices. The development time it saves is worth the upgrade to XE7 alone.”
Andrew Tierney - CEO - CastleSoft

“The XE7 FireUI desgner is what I was looking for, one program for all platforms, great as I can use what I need on iPad and PC in one go.”
Ulco Visser - Maxtra Media

“FireUI is like heaven! XE7 users will be lightyears ahead of other developers”
Erik Bellaard - Developer - *WEGA Automatisering VOF, NL

“The most important XE7 feature for me is FireUI Multi-Device Designer. I love it.”
Bogdan Bogus- Project manager - Metaproiect Software srl, Tirgu Mures,  Romania

“XE7’s FireUI delivers the promise of single-source development across all the FMX platforms”
Ptere Ingham - Independent Software Development Consultant

“FireUI in XE7 is awesome. It rocks. Love the concept and the use of inheritance.”
Keith Brown, independent programmer, Keith and Lisa Brown, LLC

“XE7’s FireUI multi-device forms take a massive headache out of developing screens that look good everywhere.“
David M Williams - International IT consultant and author”

“XE7’s FireUI is the most exclusive and exciting feature! You can develop any cross-platform application, either desktop and mobile apps, with one project and a single source”
Marco Breveglieri - Software and Web Developer - ABLS Team

 “I really like the FireUI technologies and the parallel programming library in XE7!”
Andrea Magni, Software Engineer at Wintech Italia

“XE7’s new Parallel library removes the need for 3rd party libraries like OmniThread, while utilizing all available cores on the cpu. With bluetooth/multi-touch/quality enhancements and multi-monitor support. XE7 is worth the upgrade.”
Andrew Tierney - CEO - CastleSoft

“I am looking forward to XE7’s parallel programming library and making my applications super fast.”
Dave Speight - Principal Software Developer - ABDynamics

“I am a developer for mechanical engineering software. XE7’s Parallel Programming will be very helpfull for this kind of application.”
Wolfgang Häfele - Spplication developer at FIMA

“The Parallel Library in XE7 provides and easy and new way to think about concurrency in your applications.”
Robert Love - Team Lead - State of Utah

“In XE7 app tethering to bring some old apps to life again. Parallel library, is gonna make my apps fly.”
Roderick Ziervogel - CIO - ECI

“XE7’s multi-plateform support and of course Bluetooth support are very intuitive and easy to use”
Laura Legue - Software Architect

“Wow, big step forward. If you really want to go multi-platform, RAD Studio XE7 is _the_ choice.”
Oliver Funcke - CEO - Software Union G.m.b.H.

“XE7 is the best tool for developing real multi-platform applications.”
Carlo Barazzetta - Software Architect - Ethea Srl

“XE7 appears to be more stable and the new features for multi devices are amazing. With XE7 I really have one code for multiple platforms, simple and fast.”
Rogério Lagares Xavier - Senior Analyst - Banco Público Federal

“I can't see how you CAN'T get excited over a platform that lets you deploy to Windows, Mac, Android and iOS in native code with a common code base, using either Pascal or C++.
Tom Marchione - CEO - XMS Corporation

“With XE7 You can reuse your same skill set to write cross platform and multi-device applications”
Les Kaye - leskaye.com

“XE7 is the Single tool perfect for multiplatform development, best solution out there.”
Bart de Vries - President/CEO - Baseblock Software

“XE7 is a very polished and stable release for mobile development.  I'm a Delphi developer from days past.  This release was the one that brought me back from the craziness of Visual Studio/Xamarin and the Apple XCode nightmare.”
Zachary Burns - Senior Developer - Midas

“Mobile development is a breeze with XE7’s new FireUI Multi-Device development tools.  I've tried the Xamarin tool-set in the past - and I felt like a beta tester.  It just didn't work.  XE7 is the way to go if you want to develop and deploy today!”
Zachary Burns - Senior Developer - Midas

“XE7 Enterprise Mobility Services is exactly what I was looking for”
Darian Miller, CTO, Dealer Marketing Services, Inc.